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On September 14, 2001, Susan and I had the pleasure of being invited to go with the OPTAS astronomy club to Mount Wilson for a night of observing through the 60" telescope and the 16" Meade scope next door. I was even able to do some prime focus imaging through the 60"!

We were able to tour the area and check out the 100" scope.

The 60" scope in use.

Jupiter - prime focus through the 60" scope!

Scott, is this a 4" eyepiece or a ship's porthole?

Opening the dome for the 100" scope to let it cool down.

The 100" scope with dome open.

Conjunction of the Moon and Venus while packing to go.

Full shot of the 60" scope and big fork mount.

The 100" scope after the dome was opened.

Scott Roberts observing through the 60" scope.

Prime focus image of Saturn through the 60" scope.

Group shot of the entire crew from that night.


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