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With all the equipment I have hanging on my scope, it became critical to balance everything exactly to keep the scope tracking smoothly and not to put excess presure on the gears.

I started out balancing in declination with the Meade counterweight set, but found that it wasn't enough weight to balance everything, and since it is a one-dimensional system, it had a hard time balancing the ETX-90 mounted on top of my main scope. 

I solved this by using the Meade rail and small weight, and drilling and tapping it for a long threaded bolt. With this in place, I could attach weights perpendicular to it, creating a two-dimensional counterweight system.

In balancing for Right Ascension, you want to have more weight on the east fork so the gears are always pushing the scope up and not wobbling back and forth, which is what would happen if you had it perfectly balanced.

SInce I wasn't using the larger Meade weights anymore, I drilled a small hole in both the east fork and the largest weight and bolted it on. This ended up being the perfect combination.


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