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This page is for purchased items, see the customizations page for home-built items.

Starting with the base Meade 10" LX-200 f/10 computerized telescope with tripod, I added a Meade SuperWedge for polar alignment for taking astrophotos.

I installed the metal Meade dew shield not only for keeping the dew off, but also to help balance the heavy camera equipment. In this aspect it works well with the counterweight system.

A Meade ETX-90 guide scope for alignment during long photographic exposures is mounted on top on a set of Losmondy rails and rings. This is also good for wide-field views of the same area that the main scope is pointed.

The Kendrick dew remover system keeps the dew away for much longer with the Meade dew shield alone. I have a heater for both scopes.

An Optec TCF-S electronic focuser with digital readout works independently of the main focuser. This is discussed in more detail on the CCD camera page, as are the camera, filter wheel, and flip mirror.

You can also see the 95 Amp Hour dry cell battery on the custom shelf for powering everything while away from civilization

The homemade base and wheel assembly allows me to roll the scope out of the house and into the south-facing backyard quickly anytime the weather allows.



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